Affiliate Marketing- How quickly can one start making money?

Question by curiousmsichana: Affiliate Marketing- How quickly can one start making money?
I’ve heard that you can make money from affiliate Marketing. Is it worth pursuing? Is it the same as blogging? What is the best way to make money and how much can you make per month?

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Answer by Helen N
I have never made money with affiliate marketing. It is not blogging, but can certainly be intergrated into a blog.

Affiliate marketing is linking to items such as from amazon to your website. If someone buys an item from amazon that came from your site, you get a percentage of that sale.

So you have to aggressively advertise your site in order for people to come to it. Then it’s up to the person to actually complete a purchase.

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One Response to “Affiliate Marketing- How quickly can one start making money?”

  1. Val Says:

    Hi Curious,

    I’m not sure about Affiliate Marketing but I do know of a opportunity that you can start making money the same day. And there is nothing to sell just help people like yourself. My wife and I started in Sept. 07 and it’s the best decision we have ever made!!! Our two sons just quit college to do it also.
    Due to yahoo guidelines you will have to email me direct and I will give you a site to explore and you be the judge for yourself, goodluck.