Career for someone who likes to buy and sell for profit?

Question by fedor15: Career for someone who likes to buy and sell for profit?
Hi, this question is for anyone out there with some knowledge of business-related careers. Hopefully you can help me out.

I really enjoy looking for items to buy and sell for profit. I buy from craigslist and sell on ebay, I buy from ebay and sell on amazon, etc etc. I find it very exhilerating looking for these types of opportunities in order to earn money. I could sit for hours looking for deals on the web and researching what kind of profit I may be able to acquire.

I currently work at an eBay drop-off store (close to full-time). I really enjoy researching items that people bring to the store and doing my best to market the item in such a way to sell it for the most money. I don’t earn commission but I feel very satisfied when I see my selling and marketing strategies pay off. Basically, I enjoy making money for my boss so you could imagine how much I enjoy making money for myself.

Here’s my problem. I graduated a little over a year ago from college with a BA in Studio Art. I regret this choice and I find myself less and less interested in the art direction. At this point, I believe a business-related career would best suit me.

This may be a dumb question, but does anyone experienced in the business world have any suggestions as to what type of career would fit my interests/skills? There might be something obvious but I don’t know much about business to know what that something is. I most enjoy the act of buying, researching, and selling. Maybe a career buying and selling stocks would suit me? I’m also a bit wary (financially) about pursuing further education but I know it may be necessary. I also don’t want to work at the eBay store my whole life!

Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer suggestions!

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Answer by Ed Atun
Buy houses, fix them up, then re-sell them. It is a fascinating business. You are involved in every step of the process. You get to deal with interesting people. You are also providing employment as you hire plumbers and electricians to help you.

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