Outsourcing Your Online Business

An online business consists of many essential components: website design, product creation,

payment processing, salesletter, affiliate programs and so on. How about coupling that with

sales and advert tracking?

When a lot of Internet marketers start out with their small home based businesses, they have

totally no idea that their businesses could grow into "something that huge". One-man eBay

stores grow into full-fledged online shops run by a team of dedicated salespersons, logistics

and customer support personnel. At the end, you can never manage every little aspect of your

business when it grows to a certain extent, and that is when outsourcing comes in handy.

However, care must be taken to choose the right people to outsource your tasks and equal

detail must be paid attention to to provide the best working environment for greatest

productivity. The tasks you should outsource to people are those mundane and repetitive jobs

like answering emails, keeping track of stocks and sales figures and so on. This ensures that

while you hand some of your responsibilities to other people, they have the least chances of

screwing up because the jobs they are handed are easy and straightforward. In contrast, never

let others make decisions that will greatly affect your business if you do not want to risk

losing your business overnight.

While you have to hire people on wages for some jobs such as book keeping, some jobs can also

be accomplished by outsourcing to freelancers. For examples, you can get ghostwriters to

write good content for your website and you can get freelance designers to spice up your

merchant site. You do not need to hire these people on a regular wage because once their job

is done, they do not have much follow up work to do for your business. A good resource for

freelancers would be www.elance.com and www.rentacoder.com, where freelancers and buyers have

transactions on a per job basis.

When your business reaches a certain extent, you will start to find it hard to keep track of

everything and this means time to outsource. Think of it this way: you may lose a little

money to hire other people to do some of your daily tasks, but you earn more money from the increased productivity.

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