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What can someone tell me about affiliate marketing?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Question by FootballHoward: What can someone tell me about affiliate marketing?
I am thinking about using affiliate marketing on my website, where I’m selling an e-book. I don’t know much about it, but was wondering if anyone’s used it before and what things I should consider before going ahead with it.

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Answer by shiba_inu007
Find out if there is an affiliate program related to the book you want to sell. If it’s an ebook, you’ll most likely find it on clickbank. If it’s a hard copy, you could join any merchant that offers this book and has an affiliate or partner program (amazon, barnes&nobles,…).
Then you place your referral link on your website, each time someone clicks on your link and buys, you get a commission.

The hardest thing will be to get traffic to your site, starting out I would definitely recommend article marketing as this doesn’t cost you anything. You write articles related to the product you’re selling and then link them to your website/blog with the review.

You can start with affiliate marketing for free, so apart from the time and effort you have to put in, there really is nothing to lose.

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How does one get started in affiliate marketing?

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Question by intrakit98: How does one get started in affiliate marketing?
I’m interested in trying out affiliate marketing. Is it real? Or is it just another Internet scam? If it’s real, what is the best way to start out? The more detail you can offer the better. Looking for real genuine advice. Posts relating to sales pitches or attempting to get me to purchase something will be promptly removed. Thanks.

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Answer by jimbo
Hi if you are like me and are new to this sort of thing you will find every one is trying to sell you something that’s the name of the game you have to pick your self a mentor and stick with it there are plenty of them out there just have little faith and try pick one
there are a few that are worth a look
good luck

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