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A Massive MAG (PS3) Walkthrough and Review

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

default A Massive MAG (PS3) Walkthrough and Review videos on marketing

In this video, I provide a walkthrough and review of the multiplayer online game, MAG for Playstation 3. MAG immediately stirred up controversy in the first person shooter realm when they claimed to support 256 online player matches. Sony and Zipper really pushed the marketing message over the past months and has set expectations that 256 players will be everywhere, all the time. It’s easy to look at MAG and expect Sony and Zipper’s promise to be apparent. When I stream MAG on, people often ask “Where are all the 256 players?”. I try my best to explain the situation, but I really can’t. That is primary motivation behind this video. I want to show you MAG. I want to show you why we love MAG and want to show you how 256 players is not the main thing that makes the game. I ask that you please watch the video in its entirety and have an open mind. It includes an introduction, walkthrough of the SVER interface, a domination match (256 players), and my final thoughts. It is truly massive (41 minutes) so you may have to consume it in chunks. If you want more information on the mechanics of MAG, I highly recommend you check this series of videos by Zipper Squad Leader – Leadership Roles – The Sniper – Rapid Assault – Field Support – Direct Action – Commando – The Skill Tree – Domination Mode Acquisition Mode – Sabotage Mode –

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How do I start my own internet business?

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Question by Marie T: How do I start my own internet business?
I am completely new at starting my own business. I want to start selling items off the internet. What is some good information that can help me start my own business? Do I need the go to business course in college or get a license?

Best answer:

Answer by Kristah56
No you don’t need to go to college. You can start your own business when you work with a legit BBB accredited company like the one below. Have a great day! Hope this helps!

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