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World of Warcraft question.?

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Question by Hero: World of Warcraft question.?
I was looking on ebay for WoW strategy guides and was thinking, what are the secrets? They say they can walk you though to lv 80 in 15 days. My friend was able to do that in 7 days. I just made a warlock and been playing at him for about 20 days now and he is only lv 16. How is lv 1-80 in 15 possible?

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Answer by Crazy_Jax
They basically ignore all quest and grid and do instances.

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A Different World: Love Thy Neighbor 3/3

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

A Different World Episode #77, Season 4 Whitley and Dwayne say “I love you.” Dwayne helps Whitley with her marketing project, but turns her down when she offers to take him to dinner. Ron tells Dwayne that he is being stupid and warns that he will lose Whitley unless he lets go of the past. Dwayne surprises Whitley by showing up at her apartment with dinner (while she is cleaning the oven in sweats and a jheri curl cap). Dwayne asks her to explain some of her actions, such as refusing to answer his letters during the summer and kissing Ron right in front of him. He is still unsure if he should trust her. Whitley concedes that she was wrong to play games; she says that she has come to appreciate everything Dwayne has done for her, and just wants the chance to be with him. She admits that she is in love with him. They are beset by a constant series of interruptions, and must finally seek refuge on the fire escape. Dwayne tells Whitley that he loves her, and they celebrate their new relationship with a kiss. During history class, Ron derides the homeless and claims that anyone can get a job or government assistance if they make the effort. He is shocked to discover Ray Nay, the former owner of a legendary rib joint (2.12), living on the streets. Ray Nay explains that he spent all his savings on his mother’s medical bills, then had no place to live after her death. He cannot get a job because of his advanced age, and is too ashamed to tell his daughter about his situation
Video Rating: 4 / 5