The Gruen Transfer: The Pitch, Let’s Invade NZ

default The Gruen Transfer: The Pitch, Lets Invade NZ videos on marketing

Two ad agencies try and sell the un-sellable: Invading New Zealand.

What lies ahead for Saatchi & Saatchi? Worldwide CEO Kevin Roberts shares his vision for the company and gives Wharton students a primer on his unique leadership style when he visited the Wharton School as part of the Wharton Leadership Lecture series, founded by Management Professor Michael Useem.
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43 Responses to “The Gruen Transfer: The Pitch, Let’s Invade NZ”

  1. kuroshashu Says:

    I wonder how well these ad-men know their market sometimes. How is it that very nearly every week the panel pick the opposite ad to the audience?

  2. nickthekiwipom Says:

    lol this is the epicest shit ever

  3. HeadlandRoad Says:

    They all voted for the idea of the day off rather than the actual ad. The second ad was far classier.

  4. electroplox Says:

    Lol it would be a good place to put our dickheads, thats funny but if you think about it australia is basically where england put its dickheads.

  5. TheMattvd1 Says:

    lol im from nz and i know we’d get fucked by australia

  6. DrMuffin96 Says:

    @Vi3tSn8x im from New Zealand i think this was fucking brilliant!

  7. qqs764 Says:

    The second one was definitely superior, and a lot funnier.

  8. Aripyanfar Says:

    I preffered the second ad, the segue of charming, peaceful panoramas of wilderness into adrenaline, high-tech pushover battlefields.

    Even if a long weekend is a holy Australian institution.

  9. lix98 Says:

    no i have to say the the first one was best

  10. whessly Says:

    first one was crap

  11. jonorancid Says:

    @wadjela i like using the word arkmeriskhan assimluating to be not much better than a estern bloc country

  12. Vi3tSn8x Says:

    THe dislike rating must be a person from new Zealand

  13. scalyeter Says:

    i dont get much of it but its pretty kool

  14. seanabel1991 Says:

    Brilliant i love it!

  15. tally388 Says:

    @wadjela wtf are you talking about? what has this got anything to do with this ad, or wikipedia? and why am i an idiot simply because I misunderstand what you said? i am well aware of the cicumstance of the Korean and Vietnam War thank you very much. you don’t know me. so fuck you

  16. wadjela Says:


    You moron. AmeriKa is an alternative spelling reflecting a philosphical point of view which arose from the genocide of the Indo-Chinese by US troops during the 60-70s. It regained recent favour because of similar atrocities again by US troops – see “Collateral Murder”, this site.

    What, your Wiki-fcking-pedia didn’t include that?

    Read a book on 1970s international politics, bozo.

  17. tally388 Says:

    @wadjela you not being able to spell America probably doesn’t help either

  18. wadjela Says:

    The truth is that New Zealand is far ahead of Australia in many ways. Us being the 51st state of the amerika is not a help.

  19. legocommander52 Says:

    Yeah everyone likes the 2nd one.

    0% air force LOL

  20. Vi3tSn8x Says:

    I LOVE THE 100% too easy…

  21. filiesillo Says:

    cuz its awesome, I mean I wont invade like “the country of burned dead ground with horrible morvid fat girls, and poisoed watter” (long and descriptive name ah) LOL love NZ and love AU

  22. KLillz Says:

    Because it’s awesome.

    But if anyone has seen Black Sheep you’ll know why you shouldn’t.

  23. nuttyshout Says:

    lol that’s the exact reason xD

  24. gendrahoth Says:

    Because it’s there for the taking!

  25. Geordi1996Hunt Says:

    i love the second one yer

  26. aardvarkmcgillicuddy Says:

    this is just typical buzzword stuff. it would be nice to hear something fresh, and of course, if your ceo of saatchi, everyone will agree with you, wont they?
    he sounds like the trainers for the insurance doorknockers i used to work with….

  27. fiulfa Says:

    no words

  28. basgras Says:

    Can you pump up the volume a bit? My YouTube is on max, my laptop volume is on max… but still it’s a bit soft :-

  29. gleonhard Says:

    Kevin totally rocks. Imho.

  30. thomp56iap Says:

    He’s absolutely great. Utterly necessary.

  31. HardeyLeone Says:


    As ever.


  32. Ggitto1900 Says:

    Heyy Makeoz! wake up! Who says that he can “make out”? I see much more of nothing in your words. And in precisely a resistence to something “aggressively” new. This usually happens in sales or academia. wake up! try more do more be more!

  33. maekeoz Says:

    My God this guy has an ego! Kevin, I’ll tell you something that I’ve learnt: People who make out that they know the answers usually know next to nothing.

  34. ozechad Says:

    Bloody fantastic!

  35. Pauperviking Says:

    Strange accent, goes from American to English constantly.

  36. kleinefischebraten Says:

    Now what have I learned?
    Mr Roberts, a great populist, uses his left nostril for inspiring cocaine.

  37. logtype47 Says:

    I am a highly awarded member of the creative class. As a branding consultant, I am conflicted by my work. I spend the better portion of my day fostering corporate clients whose aim is to visually proliferate every aspect of your life. These companies are driven by market share and have a low regard for consumers beyond their ability to purchase product.

  38. darkford31 Says:

    I’ve seen his ROI lecturre on google more than 150 times. He is the one who knows how the next market*Advertising industry goes to

  39. adwasono Says:

    I don’t think we can balance our life and work in advertising agency…hahaha!

  40. jazinos Says:

    check me out…im the creative & profitable, luvrative & valuable ideas generator….

  41. aifammafiaaifam Says:

    music, like it.
    mind.accsess.fesability.invention.articulate.m.a.f.i.a.hey wow arrived pk

  42. gleonhard Says:

    This is really great stuff, Kevin!

  43. vishal0069 Says:

    Interesting. I think you should have given credit to the author of the book “The Currency of the Future” You seem to be teaching their ideas and credit given would have lent to your credibility.